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Foro MINIZZ.COM :: Ver tema - Tutorial para adaptar carrocerias miniz a xmod
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Tutorial para adaptar carrocerias miniz a xmod

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MensajePublicado: Jue Ago 31, 2006 6:06 pm    Asunto: Tutorial para adaptar carrocerias miniz a xmod Responder citando

Este es un tutorial k me he encontrao para adaptar las carrocerias de mini-z a xmods, pero hay un pekeño problem, jejej hay k traducirlo, hay va:

Ok this might work on all XMods, it will have to be up to the builder to decide, measure and evaluate the exact measurements and hardware needed.

This is to get you in the right direction. I would make these, but I would have to know what body you want, purchase it and then mod it and create mounts to make it fit.

Things you will need.
1. Razors( I used razors similar to what replace box cutters)

2. Sandpaper(100-150 grit up to 800 grit. I have 120, 150, 250, 400, 800, 1000, 1200, 2000; higher grit can be found at Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts)
3. Piece of glass or a mirror(large enough to sand parts on. This is the flattest surface to create even sanding, you do not have to be this picky but I am and use it for heatsinks to create a non-highspot/low-spot surface)
4. Mini-Z body, one that comes in a display case or with a rolling display chassis.
5. Small wire snips.
6. Common Xmod Phillips head screwdrivers.
7. Drill and drill bits.(small, cannot remember what size, maybe 15/32 or something, the same size or large enough to allow a XMod screw go through the hole)
8. Qtips, you will use the center shaft that is hollow plastic.
9. Sharpie, pen, pencil something that will mark on white plastic.
10. Two, preferably unused, plastic wheel lugnuts.
11. Super glue
12. Dubro bolt set with blind nuts. I believe it is Item No. 125.
Should be able to be picked up at LHS(local hobby shop)
Plane section.
Here at there site it is on page "51" of 64 in the plane catalog.

a-Now to start off remove the Mini-Z body from the display chassis by pulling on the doors to expand them off the mounts. Now looking inside the body you will see two white clips that are glued to the inner door sides(say tabs removed in the image below).
Just ben these back and forth to remove them until they come off or cut them with the small wire snips/dikes/sidecutters.

b-Now remove the battery cover that comes on the Mini-Z rolling chassis and set it aside, it will be used for the rear mount.

c-Remove the front mount that was holding the Z body to the display chassis, should be two screws on the underside of the chassis.(labeled in image)

d-Now take this front mount and place it in the same area as where the front body mount for the XMod is secured.(so you will have to remove the front springs and the front XMod black body mount)
Notice that the mount holes do not line up in the same holes as the Z white body mount.

Now in order to get them to line up you will need to increase the hole size, slotted. So line up the front white mount on the XMod so it is exactly centered and sitting in the right direction(far enough back, far enough left or right, etc.)

Make a mental note of how much needs to be expanded when this white Z body mount is all lined up.

e-Now increase the size of the hole with the drill and the small drill bit left or right how ever much needed to line up with the mounting holes located on the Xmod chassis, not forward or back because this will possibly increase the hole size to large, making it no longer a hole but a U cut.

Continue this process and of course do small steps, Wallow out the hole a little on both sides then line it back up on the XMod chassis, then if still not right then repeat. BE CAREFUL do NOT get over zealous, take small steps to insure proper diameters/slotting.

f-Once your holes are the right size to allow a screw to go through them straight on from the bottom of the XMod chassis and the front mount lined up in the center left to right and far back enough next you will line it up with the front mounting on the XMod, as if you where going to secure it.

g-Now place some longer screws, meduim size, through the chassis front mount holes and through the newly slotted front Z mount holes.

h-Screw down the two plastic lugnuts onto the screws coming through the chassis and the white Z front mount.
Tighten them enough to still be able to move the front Z mount back and forth and forward and back if needed.

Align the Z mount and hold it aligned and then tighten the plastic lug nuts, snug but do NOT over tighten.
( I used a screwdriver and tightened the phillips screws from below the chassis while holding the lugnuts with the yellow wrench/socket that comes in the starter kit)

i-Now mark around the lugnuts, the outer diameter of the hex shape with a pen, marker, etc. on the white plastic front Z mount. Mark these well enough so you have a exact outline or close outline of where they are exactly located.

j-Now place the Mini-Z body onto the front mount currently secured to the XMod chassis. In other word place the Z body on the XMod....just no rear mounting yet to hold it on properly.

Inspect the wheelbase and where the wheels are currently located in the wheelwell while tightly holding the Z body onto the chassis.
If they are correct skip next parts(k-m), if the rear wheels are to far forward you will have to adjust the rear tail section to a longer wheelbase on the XMod chassis.

--With my Calsonic body the front wheels where all the way back where the "A" post is, the front of the door nearest the front wheel well.
The rear wheels where back in the bumper area.
So the Z mount was too long due to the further back mounting of the front Z mount on the Z chassis's.---

k-Now make a note or measure how much it will take to move the front wheels into the correct placement in the front wheel wells.
When finished remove the Z body.

l-Now remove the front Z mount from the chassis and place it out of the way.
Place a lower grit sandpaper on the mirror or glass near a table edge.

m-Now begin to sand the front section of the front white Z mount. Sand it a little at a time or however much is needed and then continue to mount it and check to see if the wheelbase has changed closer to the desirable setting.
If the stepped section that is located on the Z front mount begins to get to small in length so as enough of it will not fit nicely into the "Squared" slot in the front spoiler of the Z body, begin to sand down the sides of the white Z mount increased the length/depth of the square stepped portion.

Note: I used the edge of the glass and sanded it down vertically.
example(in your case, front mount should be removed from chassis)----

Continue to sand using a low grit paper, 150 and then a higher grit for slower and less sanding 400-1000 and continue to check the change in the wheel locations, front and rear--small steps, because this VERY crucial, more can be removed, but more cannot be added so be VERY careful.

n-Once the wheelbase is adjusted properly for the front Z mount we will need to secure the plastic lugnuts to the mount so you can easily remove the front mount and switch back to the original black XMod mount.
So in order to do this we will use the outlines we have drawn of where the lugnuts sit when fastened securely and aligned properly on the XMod chassis.

So simply take your super-glue and glue the lugnuts in the exact spot within the outlines. Of course on the top side of the mount, so looking down at the top of the car, glue them on that side.
--Note: Be sure to only place the glue on the edges of the lugnuts and front mount. Do not cover the holes with glue or the hole in the center of the lugnut. This is CRUCIAL.
Also allow time for the glue to dry completely before screwing screws into the lugnuts, and additionally I would recommend using the yellow lug wrench to hold them but do NOT twist when holding, just hold to keep from trying to twist any in any tightening procedure at any time.

Once this is complete our attention will be brought to the rear mount.

For the rear mount we will need the front white modded Z mount secured and the Z body placed bak upon it and lined up. Get a idea of how far foward the rear mount needs to be to line the mount up with rear Xmod chassis slot.

Then if you can mark it on the inside of the car body. Tape, marker, etc. be pretty precise.

Haber si hay alguno k sepa muxo ingles y nos lo pueda traducir.Enga un saludo y a traducir jejeje
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